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Best Releases: May 2016

Fett Burger and Luca Lozano teaming up again, Madteo back with the christening release of his eponymous label, edit-sensei Mori Ra killing it with another batch of top-class revamps, Lee Gamble stepping up on UIQ for the first time… May got our processors on overheat! Here’s our monthly compilation.

Head-to-Head: Mark E + Eugene Whang

With Eugene Wang and Mark E coming together to great effect under the Public Release banner, and generally being good friends, we sat back and let them take control of the questions in this head to head.

Mark E: E-Work #1

One of those deeply visual productions where you can close your eyes and visualise LEDs moving across an 808, the lick of a smile coming with the tangible shift in patterns.

Mark E

Mark E’s love affair with electronic dance music began began early, as an adolescent, when Manchester was Madchester and the irreverent attitude of rave culture swept
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