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In Perspective: Michael Vallera

His most recent piece, the dazzling and thoughtful ‘Vivid Flu’, mirrors the complexity of today’s multi-vectorial communication systems and endless interfacing that so often come out on existential vacuums and deep identity crisis. Firmly anchored in this era of uncertainty, and looking at this exacting reality through its own magnifying glass, Vallera’s work wholly deserved a new scan.

Music Video: Michael Vallera – Pollen Blot

To accompany the release of the album ‘Vivid Flu’, Denovali and Vallera have had a video done for ‘Pollen Blot’, which we’re no short of glad to premiere today. Setting the dissonant synths and machinic hiss of the track into a hazy tableau of hallucinated desert visions flickering like mirages interlaced with retinal images frozen in a dazzling haze. A multisensory trip.