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Music Video: Michael Vallera – Pollen Blot

Unsung herald of new age-y electronics and widescreen soundscaping, American producer and multi-instrumentalist Michael Vallera not only counts as one of the most interesting voices in the circle of contemporary sound poets but also amongst off-standard experimentalists and leading-edge ambient composers.

After an excellent first album on Stephen Bishop’s forward-thinking label Opal Tapes that helped cast a broader light on his haunting body of work, the Chicago based artist was enrolled by ambient’s finest Denovali for his second full-length, ‘Vivid Flu‘ – an enrapturing journey across mournful atmospherics and immersive textural layers that evokes the unsoiled profoundness of barren hinterlands and remote memory-triggering spaces.

To accompany the release of the album, Denovali and Vallera have had a video done for ‘Pollen Blot‘, which we’re no short of glad to premiere today – setting the dissonant synths and machinic hiss of the track into a hazy tableau of hallucinated desert visions flickering like mirages interlaced with retinal images frozen in a dazzling haze. A multisensory trip.

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