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MATstudio: MATstudio 1

It is no surprise that the latest release in Melody As Truth’s catalogue comes from Jonny Nash and Suzanne Kraft, two producers who have steadily grown closer and closer together in their sound since the label’s start.

Suzanne Kraft: DJ Safety Track

Be it through soothing atmospheric panoramas or tight-strapped floor-apt beats, the inch-perfect adroitness of Herrera in both the arrangement layering and textural carving will sure leave a memorable mark.

Best Releases: March 2016

From Low Jack’s massive new LP on the ever-vanguard Modern Love to DJ Slyngshot’s debut effort out of the Yappin circle for the newborn Place No Blame, onto Suzanne Kraft’s summer-flavored ‘DJ Safety Track’ for Stuttgart’s finest Kitjen, there’s been full flocks of nuggets flying aplenty. Here’s our recap.