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Suzanne Kraft lines up ‘What You Get For Being Young’ LP for Melody As Truth

Following up to ‘Talk From Home‘, his excellent ambient LP for Melody As Truth released last year, Suzanne Kraft returns on Jonny Nash’s imprint with ‘What You Get For Being Young‘, scheduled for release 2nd November 2016.

The seven-track album is a vibrant excursion into Herrera’s widescreen synth-scapes and pared down proto-pop outlooks. Even though his sound oozes the fragrant sleekness of digital-manipulated keyboards, the organic look-and-feel of his music stills spreads across the grooves just as lyrically.

In the meanwhile, Nash and Herrera also teamed up for a 7″ split that’ll come out via Melody As Truth later this month, preparing ground for Nash’s second long-player due out in the end of year.


What You Get For Being Young

A1.  Body Heat
A2.  Bank
A3.  One Amongst Others
A4.  Fragile
B1.  Ze
B2.  Scripted Space
B3.  Further

7″ Split

A. Jonny Nash – Cristina and Carolina
AA. Suzanne Kraft – Roberto and Giovanni

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