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First Listen: Carsten Jost unveils second album ‘Perishable Tactics’ on Dial

Best known under his production alias of Carsten Jost, Dial co-founder David Lieske is set to release his second album ‘Perishable Tactics‘ in January 2017.

The new album marks a welcome return for Carsten Jost to his label’s discography. His previous solo release ‘Atlantis‘ EP saw the light of day in 2007, and his debut album was released back in 2001. Fifteen years on and this sophomore long player witnesses the evolution of Lieske’s sound over the last decade.

Perishable Tactics’ comprises 11 tracks, new and old, featuring both tracks from ‘Atlantis‘ EP plus his stand-out track ‘Love‘, which was originally part of a split 12″ with Efdemin released around the same time. Lieske’s band Misanthrope CA also contribute the ‘Intro‘ and ‘Outro‘ excerpts to the album.

Featuring classic examples of the Dial sound, this new album picks up influences from label colleagues Queens, DJ Richard, Lawrence and Efdemin. Our pick ‘Army Green‘ offers a spooky STL-tinged melody lacing up a deeper than deep bass drum, dusty claps and delayed piano keys drowned in reverb with a hip-swaying groove.

The album artwork is by David Lieske and Robert Kulisek. Long-time Dial graphic designer Till Sperrle designed the album. “Perishable Tactics” is available in vinyl, CD and digital formats from Kompakt.


1. Intro
2. Ambush
3. Atlantis II
4. Perishable Tactics
5. Army Green
6. Atlantis
7. Platoon RLX
8. Love
9. Platoon RLX II
10. Dawn Patrol
11. Outro

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