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Australian producer Big Ever debuts on Incienso with ‘Otto’ EP

Following a string of releases under the production alias of Cop Envy via Black Opal, Templar Sound, Cry Baby Records, Decisions and Hypercolour – today the Sydney-based producer unveils his new alias Big Ever, with the announcement of ‘Otto‘ EP landing in May via Incienso, the record label of Anthony Naples and Jenny Slattery.

Housed in a sleeve designed by Ezra Miller, Big Ever delivers four “distinctive and vibrant club tracks primed for all hours of the night or early morning”. Our highlights include the title track and ‘Burst Dial‘.

‘Otto’ EP is scheduled for release 7 May via Incienso. Order a copy from Bandcamp.

Sleeve Design by Ezra Miller
Photo by Kasia Zacharko


1. Rolled Into
2. Burst Dial
3. Apti
4. Otto