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Axel Willner announces his sixth album as The Field

Axel Willner has announced the release of a new album under long-time alias The Field. His latest full-length for Kompakt, ‘Infinite Moment‘ finds Willner exploring fresh perspectives on the theme of hope through his expansive ambient techno. Regarding the album’s inception, Willner has stated that “hope is something I’ve been missing in the nowadays climate and this album is a relief to me, a type of comfort, like a moment that feels good and you don’t want to end.”

Following on from 2016’s ‘The Follower‘, ‘Infinite Moment‘ is said to feature six tracks of shoe-gazing modular, complex textural interplays and atmospheric fractals. “This album is a direct soul-to-soul transmission, aiming no further than at finding the right balance between contained emotion and an expressive eloquence. No fluff, no bluff – with ‘Infinite Moment’, The Field goes straight for the heart, stripping bare of all vain and futile attributes to focus on the very essential.”

The Field debuted on Kompakt in 2007 with the much-loved minimal techno opus ‘From Here We Go Sublime‘. Since then, he’s stayed closely aligned with the Cologne-based label, putting out a steady stream of records that are as propulsive as they are atmospheric. ‘Infinite Moment‘ will be his sixth album to date.

‘Infinite Moment’ is scheduled for release 21st September 2018, order a copy from Kompakt.


1. Made of Steel, Made of Stone
2. Divide Now
3. Hear Your Voice
4. Something Left, Something Right, Something Wrong
5. Who Goes There
6. Infinite Moment

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