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Basic Rhythm rolls a raw mix for Newtype Rhythms

Newtype Rhythms returns with a new episode – teeming with bass and buoyancy courtesy of this week’s guest, Basic Rhythm.

Known previously as Imaginary Forces, the UK producer was a stalwart of genre-exploration, finding crevices between the worlds of techno, industrial and the abstract. When Basic Rhythm was born a few years back, the approaches were expanded upon within the genres of house, grime, jungle and beyond.

After releasing on labels such as Planet Mu and Sneaker Social Club, Basic Rhythm enters 2020 with an inaugural release on Raw Basics, featuring a VIP mix of “Break It Down”, a standout track from his 2016 LP aptly titled Raw Trax.

The distinctive nature of Basic Rhythm’s creative process is all over today’s episode of the show, as he presents a guest mix that delves between hypnotic and hyperactive – easing in upticks in percussive elements while brandishing bass-laden surprises just around the bend. Be sure to take a dive and crank on the subs, it’s about to get deep. His guest mix starts at 45 minutes in, with resident Sheepshead warming things up in the interim per usual.


00:00 – 45:24 – mixed by Sheepshead

01. Satomimagae – Tomodachi
02. Lurka – Point Noise Behaviors
03. Ikonika – What Kinda Pain Are We Talking About?
04. Ahadadream – Hydration
05. DJ Tess – Watch How Mi Dweet (feat. Logan)
06. Tension – Body Opulent
07. SNØW – Yeke Yeke (feat. Kuenta)
08. Client_03 – Personality Converter
09. Scuba – On Deck (FaltyDL Remix)
10. Walton – GSV1
11. Shed – Solitude Straight
12. Cop Envy & DJ Plead – Dash To Finish
13. Al Wootton – Franz

45:43 – END – mixed by Basic Rhythm

01. Grace Jones – Operattack
02. Mickey Pearce – Damage
03. Basic Rhythm – Feel Me (Parris Remix)
04. Ken Finger – From Telly To Belly
05. Happa – Argot (Parris Remix)
06. Basic Rhythm – Drifting Clouds
07. Hodge & Facta – Spheres Of Costa Rica
08. Basic Rhythm – Cha
09. Mickey Pearce – Smelling Of Incense
10. Daft Punk – Oh Yeah
11. Lamont – Open Letter
12. Carmen Villain – Observable Future (Parris Remix)
13. Cassius Select – Dirt
14. Bandshell – Rise ‘Em
15. DJ Bone – Drum Addict
16. Cassius Select – Haskut
17. DJ N***a Fox – Sub Zero
18. Lamont – Push
19. Mickey Pearce – Rant Over
20. Sumgii – Chunks (Lamont Flip)
21. Basic Rhythm – I Want You
22. Pearson Sound – Underdog
23. Mickey Pearce – Some Bullshit
24. Lamont – Hold Dat
25. Basic Rhythm – Break It Down (VIP)
26. DJ Sinclair – Ricky (Basic Rhythm’s ‘Johnny’ Remix)
27. Diverse Arts – The End (Basic Rhythm’s Funky Mix)