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Blawan drops ‘Soft Waahls’ EP via Ternesc

Following two EP’s last year, Blawan returns to his own Ternesc label with a hard-edged double pack named ‘Soft Waahls‘ EP – marking his ninth release on the imprint.

Spread over six tracks, ‘Soft Waahls’ explores mutated strains of techno weaving in elements of IDM and electronica. Highlights include ‘Silver‘, ‘Fizz City‘ and ‘Fourth Dimensional‘. Listen to clips below.

“This run of tracks was a massive turning point for me in the studio over the past year with all its ups and downs. As with everything the pandemic dished out some pain but also so many beautiful opportunity’s to work with my hands, with animals, farming and really jump into the studio vortex. Truly nice to liberate the studio from the club and get back to experimenting, plenty more where this came from soon :) !!” 

‘Soft Waahls’ EP is out now via Ternesc. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Justa
2. The Sithe
3. Silver
4. Fizz City
5. Fourth Dimensional
6. Micro 8’s