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Bonebrokk contributes a howling mix for Newtype Rhythms

The latest episode of our sister mix series Newtype Rhtyhms arrives with a forward-facing injection of bass mutations from Athens – courtesy of Trial & Error herald Bonebrokk.

Establishing the imprint in 2015, the label has been home to evocative experimentation within the sub-space of sub-bass and beyond; finding just as much manoeuvrability and aplomb with a club night that highlights that same standard of bass-fuelled adventurism.

In the years that followed, it led to an evolution of sonics that brings us to the latest release of the label, entitled ‘Howl’. Persisting with powerful rhythms and surreptitious sound design, the five-tracker demonstrates the breadth of Bonebrokk’s toolkit as a producer; connecting the dots between inward resolution and outward escalation amongst a litany of sub-frequencies.

Something as dynamic as this is sure to be appreciated, and what Bonebrokk delivers in this episode of Newtype Rhythms is that same energy in droves. Check out their guest mix at 45 minutes in, with resident Sheepshead warming things up per usual.


00:00 – 45:22 – Mixed by Sheepshead

1. Machinedrum – Vizion
2. Sapphire Slows – Swirl
3. Hypho – Deform
4. Ploy – Snorkeling
5. LR Groove – Fak’ uSos (feat. Toya Delazy)
6. Circuit 900 – Halite
7. DJ JM – OCDrum
8. Henry Greenleaf – Taking First
9. Le Motel – Work Your Back
10. Anz – Rave Casual
11. Walton – Grizzler
12. Shed – Try
13. Nico – Ventana

45:40 – END – Mixed by Bonebrokk

1. Kamixlo – The Coldest Hello (Live From The Russian Spiral)
2. Druid – Cyber Time Crisis (Galtier Remix)
3. Jabes – Jest
4. Air Max ’97 – Triple Pendulum
5. Itfll – Estemara Umru Mesa
6. Syn – Cold
7. Lithe – One For Russ
8. DJ Plead – STP
9. Mosca – The Optics
10. 3Phaz – Cluster Drum
11. Nara – Daddy I Want A Pony
12. Simo Cell & Abdullah Miniawy – Pending In The Pattern
13. Jennifer Walton & BFTT – Flash On
14. Minor Science – Balconies
15. Hyph11E – Barnacles (Kode9 Remix)