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Bonustracks launch vinyl crowdfunding platform for electronic music community

Bonustracks is a brand new crowdfunding platform enabling artists yearning for a physical release to make that dream become reality – without spending a dime.

As many of us have experienced throughout the pandemic, sustaining a living through music alone is a challenging task, particularly due to the dissipation of events. bonustracks gives artists and labels the tools needed to continue pursuing the craft by crowdsourcing vinyl production, offloading the burden of up-front production costs, and cementing the position of fans and supporters at the centre of importance.

With quantities starting at 200 records, you can mix and match design elements ranging from cheaper minimal white label releases to fully designed albums. Once a format is selected, upload your tracks, artwork and wait for approval. Once signed off, your campaign appears on the bonustracks website and the crowdfunding campaign is ready to roll.

Here’s the deal: artists must include at least one bonustrack to the campaign, which will serve as a reward for fans who support the campaign. These tracks become available as downloads to pledgers regardless of whether or not a campaign is successful.

Fans who pledge towards a campaign will only be charged if said campaign is successful, and will be rewarded for pledging by gaining immediate access to the “bonustracks”. This way, customers are incentivised to pledge in a way which involves no upfront money transfer.

Additionally, bonustracks help out artists in other essential aspects of releasing a physical record, including mastering services, mechanical licensing, and distribution.

bonustracks (soft) launches soon. Stay tuned for further announcements, plus a feature with the founders.


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