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Boomkat inaugurate USB time capsule series with Shotta Tapes

As 2021 edges nearer to oblivion, Boomkat have unveiled a six-part USB series aimed to compile the output of like-minded record labels that have made a big impact on the distributors musical landscape in 2021.

The first edition arrives courtesy of Shotta Tapes, the record label operated by Manchester-based producer Tom Boogizm aka Rat Heart.

For the occasion, Boomkat have produced a custom-made rubberised USB bomb featuring 12 hours of music and full releases from the imprint in WAV format, plus exclusives all housed in a foil ziplock bag.

‘Shotta Tapes USB Bomb’ is out now. Order a copy from Boomkat


Rat Heart – Rat Heart (Album)
Rat Heart – Impressions 4 Guitar + Broken Tascam (Album)
Rat Heart – Exclusive Album for Boomkat USB (Album)
Bloodheart (Michael J Blood + RAT HEART) (Album)
Jon K – Somewhat Like . . .(Mixtape)
Big Scraps – Follow The Yellow Brick Road (Mixtape)
Big Scraps – Now That’s Wot I Call Drill (Mixtape)
Fallow + Griz​-​O – Wicked & Wild (Album)
Tom Boogizm – Nothing Conscious (Mixtape)
Tom Boogizm – Devil On The Cross (Double Mixtape)

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