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Flaty and OL line up ‘SERWED III’ on ANWO Records

Following the release of their second album on West Mineral Ltd in 2020, Moscow-based producers Flaty and OL announce the release of their third collaborative album as Serwed, landing in February through ANWO Records.

Spanning 10 tracks, ‘SERWED III‘ delivers further leftfield experimentations into the fields of oddball algorithms, digitised bleeps and abstract beats. Second track on the album ‘Serpent‘ resonates a similar glacial shimmer to the output of Barker, albeit with a more refracted and bass heavy approach.

Additionally the album artwork is said to be ” fittingly complemented by the visuals based on Regula Bochsler’s art project ‘The Rendering Eye‘, capturing the “erroneous” yet “picturesque” renderings found in the 3D world of Apple Maps.”

‘SERWED III’ is scheduled for release 15 February via ANWO Records. Order a copy on Bandcamp.


1. Initial 3
2. Serpent
3. c_catch
4. Scruff
5. Nailz on Keyz
6. Hobot
7. Spin Blur
8. Runner’s High
9. Bet Ligue
10. Cryo