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Charlie provides a pursuant mix for Newtype Rhythms

This week’s edition of our sister mix series Newtype Rhythms comes with a walloping mix courtesy of Berlin-born, Krakow-based artist Charlie – an exuberant talent that has dazzled with their DJ sets and live performances throughout Europe and beyond.

The founder and resident of Szum has been keeping busy over the last year and change, most recently playing a lauded live-set at Unsound Festival, which returned to in-person proceedings this past year in a scaled-down capacity.

After releasing tracks for labels such as Dom Trojga and Mechatronica, Charlie has established herself as a tour-de-force performer behind decks and hardware interchangeably, engaging audiences with her distinct penchant for tension and release within her selections and original productions.

Expect that same energy with this week’s episode of Newtype Rhythms, as she ratchets up the intensity from start to finish. Check out Charlie’s mix at 43 minutes in, with resident Sheepshead starting things up per usual.


Track IDs will provided upon request on Soundcloud

00:00 – 43:14 – Mixed by Sheepshead

43:31 – END – Mixed by Charlie