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Premiere: Seiichiro Itoyama – Mal

For Berlin based Japanese artist Seiichiro Itoyama, the inception of his imprint Liminal has been synonymous with creating agency. His releases to date have been meditative, but not in the binaural sense, more through the focus that comes through sheer gravity of audio.

The latest entry in the series ‘Autocatalysis‘ feels like existing in a rainforest constructed entirely from technology – dense foliage made up of server blades and industrial generators, ethernet and optical cables as vines, the dense humidity and insects manifesting swarms of nano-machines, and the dappled sunlight swapped out for the contrasting hues of neon LEDs against black metal.

Mastered by Inland aka Ed Davenport, it pivots from galloping techno to rasping walls of synths, drawing out variations on a theme over its seven tracks. Be under no illusions, it is a work of sheer gravitational force. Our premiere ‘Mal‘ aptly represents the imposing aura of the album.

‘Autocatalysis’ is scheduled for release 20 November via Liminal. Order a copy.


1. Ahead
2. Under 5
3. Apprehension
4. Uncertainty
5. Sorting
6. The Return
7. Mal