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Premiere: Ye Gods – Korsia (R Gamble Juiced Remix)

Following their debut in March, a split cassette from Irish rabble-rouser Autumns and Belgium’s AIR LQD, Deviant Pleasures are back with their next x-rated effort. The label are following the same format on ‘Pulvis et Umbra’, with each side devoted to one artist and accompanied by a remix.

Antoni Maiovvi’s Ye Gods, project first began to take shape in The Hague. Aptly, he’s released music on Panzerkreuz Records, a sublabel of cult Dutch label Bunker Records. Last year he also landed on L.I.E.S. Records, with an excellent album of brooding tracks called ‘Dumah’.

The A-side of ‘Pulvis et Umbra’ sees Maiovvi skulking similar through territory. Dark and moody, his contributions take cues from gloomy EDM and industrial grit. On remix duties, R Gamble provides us with a stripped-back version of ‘Korsia’ that feels robotic in the best possible way.

‘Pulvis et Umbra’ is scheduled for release 26 November via Deviant Pleasures. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Ye Gods – Make A Tiny Sound Into An Avalanche
2. Ye Gods – Sifriyah
3. Ye Gods – Korsia
4. Ye Gods – The Explicit Name
5. Ye Gods – Korsia (R Gamble Remix)
6. Sacred Lodge – Angolares
7. Sacred Lodge – Cavar La Boca
8. Sacred Lodge – El Otro lado
9. Sacred Lodge – Sin Moverse
10. Sacred Lodge – Cavar La Boca (UVB76 Remix)