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City & i.o reveal sophomore full-length ‘Chaos is God Neighbour’ on Éditions Appærent

Following their debut collaborative album as City & i.o in 2019, guitarist Will Ballantyne teams up with drummer Maxwell Patterson to release their second full-length via Éditions Appærent in November.

Composed at a frenetic pace over several weeks in 2020, ‘Chaos is God Neighbour‘ is not for the faint hearted. Consisting of 14 brutal tracks of abstract electronica, dark ambient, noise, post-hardcore and throat shredding vocals.

The album also features artwork designed by legendary Games Workshop illustrator John Blanche with design by Jesse Osborne-Lanthier, as well as extensive contributions from Dis Fig aka Felicia Chen, x/o aka Veron Xio and vvilms aka Aaron Wharton. Highlights from the album include ‘Omnistack‘, ‘Unkind (with Dis Fig)‘ and ‘Temprorare‘.

‘Chaos is God Neighbour’  is scheduled for release 1 November via Éditions Appærent. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Desolate Revenant
2. Breach
3. Omnistack
4. Catacomb (with Dis Fig)
5. Descendant Cross (with x/o)
6. Bleak Chain (with x/o)
7. Unkind (with Dis Fig)
8. Bomb-blasted Stack (with vvilms)
9. Atlatica
10. Circling Orc
11. Temprorare
12. Marrow
13. -20+20-20+20-20+20-20
14. Granular Heater