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Comatonse Recordings line up compilations for Terre Thaemlitz, K-S.H.E, DJ Sprinkles & Mark Fell

Terre Thaemlitz kicks off 2022 with the imminent drop of three compilations self-released through Comatonse Recordings, amalgamating all Comatonse.000 releases to date, plus 12-inch and one-off’s from the Kami-Sakunobe House Explosion project and collaborations with Mark Fell.

Comatonse.000 was the project name, EP title, and catalog number of Terre Thaemlitz’ 1993 debut 12-inch featuring the NY Loft classic A-side ‘Raw Through a Straw’ and the bass-heavy ambient B-side, ‘Tranquilizer’. ‘Comatonse.000.R3‘ compiles all Comatonse.000 related releases to date, including that other Comatonse EP working the ‘Scorpio’ break so important to the early Loft house scene, Social Material’s, ‘Class/Consciousness’.

Spirits, Lose Your Hold (Route 69: 2006-2012)‘ compiles all of K-S.H.E’s 12-inch and one-off releases to date beyond the 2006 debut album ‘Routes not Roots’ and precursor to DJ Sprinkles’ ‘Midtown 120 Blues’. This is the first time for many of these tracks to be available in digital format. Includes K-S.H.E’s previously unreleased original version of ‘Reverse Rotation’, which was later dramatically re-tempo’ed and re-worked for release on DJ Sprinkles’ album.

Incomplete Insight (2012-2015)’ is a double-CD compiling all of DJ Sprinkles & Mark Fell’s collaborative 12-inches on the first disc, combined with a second disc filled with ten previously unreleased outtakes from the Complete Spiral EP sessions.

Each compilation is presented in custom packaging hand assembled by Terre herself, including an archival vinyl pouch with one double-sided insert card (100mm x 100mm), phonograph style anti-static inner sleeve, and 4×4 panel poster insert printed on newsprint (472mm x 472mm).

All three CD compilations are available to purchase directly from Comatonse Recordings.

Photo by Ruthie Singer-Decapite



1. Raw Through a Straw
2. Tranquilizer
3. Class
4. Consciousness
5. Pretty Mouth (He’s Got One)
6. Raw Through a Straw (Double Live)
7. Tranquilizer (Live in the North)
8. Tranquilizer (Demo Version) Hidden Bonus Track

K-S.H.E – Spirits, Lose Your Hold (Route 69: 2006-2012)

1. rosary novena for gender transitioning (homosexual spirits)
2. rosary novena for gender transitioning (spirits, lose your hold)
3. melancholy grow
4. melancholy dub
5. reverse rotation / 後戻り (original k-s.h.e demo edit)
6. down home kami-sakunobe / 上作延村立
(zeitkratzer & terre thaemlitz live at volksbühne, berlin, march 25 2005)
7. hobo train / 浮浪者
(zeitkratzer & terre thaemlitz live at volksbühne, berlin, march 25 2005)

DJ Sprinkles & Mark Fell – Incomplete Insight (2012-2015)

1. Say It Slowly (N.U.M. Mix)
2. Say It Slowly (Hee-Haw Mix)
3. Complete Spiral
4. Insights
5. Fresh
6. Insights (Sprinkles Alt. Mix)
7. Fresh (Sprinkles Alt. Mix)
8. MF Dub 1
9. Incomplete Spiral 1
10. Spiral Focus 1
11. Incomplete Spiral 4
12. Incomplete Spiral 2
13. MF Dub 2
14. Incomplete Spiral 5
15. Incomplete Spiral 3
16. Spiral Focus 2
17. Incomplete Spiral 0