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Coyote Clean Up

Christian Jay Sienkiewicz is the man behind Coyote Clean Up, he’s from Detroit and he is a little crazy, but nonetheless the music he produces is pretty awesome. In 2010 CCU released a joint EP with Bryce Isbell AKA FUR on Waaga Records, we reviewed it a while back, but I strongly reccomend you check it out. Think of being submerged into a life-size lava lamp…trippy.

Christian has selected his top 10 beats, experiences, movies and ramblings for 2010.

  1. Kiirap Korpi
    Kiirap Korpi is my favorite figure skater and maybe athlete of all times! I was hoping she’d bring home the gold in Vancouver, hopefully she’ll get it in Russia! She has a super amazing website worth checking out:
  2. Gorillaz ‘The Fall’
    I saw them in October here in Detroit and it was hands down the best show I ever seen. I was jumping up and down like a kid. Damon played this little vocoder “Detroit” chant and we all went nuts. Then THE FALL dropped. Yes!
  3. Detroit Red Wings
    End of game scrap between Henrik Zetterberg and Sidney Crosby!
  4. Aaron Carl ‘Drive (I-75)’
    Aaron Carl had the biggest heart in Detroit! I was all sweaty after dancing to one of his sets, he sat down on a bar stool, and flagged me over. “Chrissy what are you doing?” “Dancing to the beat AC!!!” “No Chrissy, I mean WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!” He said in his diva like voice. “Oh man, I don’t know AC, I’m torn… I’m broke and all I wanna do is make music. Do I get a shitty job, or do I just stay at home and make music?” “YOU MAKE MUSIC” he said in a stern voice and looked me straight in the eyes. Ahhhhh! Turning point for me. LOVE TO AC!!! His track DRIVE (I-75) is my number one Detroit anthem.
  5. Count Macey
    Breaking my foot skateboarding on Halloween – I was in Athens, Georgia for a wedding. Bombing a huge hill into the Botanical Gardens, toes to the nose to screaming in pain train-wreck. Everyone was really cool about it, thanks guys. I was in a cast for a while and it was so crazy. I played a CCU show with Count Macey and almost fell off stage a bunch of times and some girl stole my crutches. Shots out and big thanks to Count Macey for helping me through a rad year… keep an eye out for him.
  6. BMX
    I Rode tons this summer. I ride this sick breakless bike Steven Hamilton gave me. (Thanks Steven!!!) Putting on headphones and heading out late at night, lurking, hopping, and sliding through the shadows of parking lots and city streets or tree lined bike paths into the woods all alone is the best thing in the world.
  7. Actress: Splazsh
    Jammed tons of this riding BMX. Always Human and Hubble being my favorites I think. Werk Discs in general as well. Loved what Lukid dropped this year. His DJ mixes are great too.
  8. Kapser Bjørke ‘Heaven’
    I always do the Rolling Stones at karaoke… but who can top this?
  9. Massive Attack ‘Paradise Circus (Gui Boratto Remix)’
    I thought I was having a dream when I first heard this. I had been listening to Mazzy Star, tons of trip-hop, and tech house on 30 mile track bike rides last summer. Then this dropped. So did my jaw. Spring bike rides became epic.
  10. KBR Productions ‘Homework’ The Movie
    I hadn’t been snowboarding for a while and thanks to my buddy Justin McCann, I got back out there! Did this huge backside wallride in the park it felt like nothing I had ever felt before. Homework is one of the best snowboard videos of all time!