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crouds release ‘Switchblade’ EP on Molten Moods

Following their rave-tinged ‘Outsider‘ EP in January, today Berlin-based live hardware production duo crouds deliver their second EP on Munich-based imprint Molten Moods.

Featuring artwork by David Goldberg, ‘Switchblade‘ is said to be “a slick and modern statement of dance music that draws its influences from techno and UK bass.” Mastered by Tymotica, Andreas Schuller and Jay Nagel serves up four weapons primed for destruction, encompassing dank bass, brazen breakbeats and bubbling techno. Track highlights include ‘Exit Ring‘ and ‘Hibernation‘.

To coincide with the release, ‘Switchblade’ is available with a limited edition of airbrushed and bleached t-shirts made by London based clothing designer coldfeet4life.

‘Switchblade’ is scheduled for release 16 December via Molten Moods. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Switchblade
2. Exit Ring
3. Hibernation
4. Skin of my Soul