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Kassem Mosse lines up fourth solo album ‘Workshop 32’

Kassem Mosse announces his long-awaited return to Workshop with the forthcoming release of a double LP next year, spanning leftfield house, live percussion and experimental electronics.

Working in the grey area betwixt abstract techno and deep, dubby house terrains, the Leipzig-based producer has continuously carved out a lane truly his own, forging a signature sound as intelligently dynamic as it adroitly reconfigures familiar sonic elements into intricately-woven composite systems and processes.

Consisting of 10 tracks, ‘Workshop 32‘ is packed with Kassem Mosse’s indisputable sound signature, interweaving off-kilter rhythms, live drum work, vocal samples and punchy synth stabs.

‘Workshop 32’ is scheduled for release 3 February 2023 via Workshop. Order a copy from Inverted Audio Store.

Photo by Ilayda Dağlı


1. A1
2. A2
3. A3
4. B1
5. B2
6. C1
7. C2
8. D1
9. D2