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D.K. announces ‘Island of Dreams’ LP for Antinote

French producer Dang Khoa, who headlines Inverted Audio’s next rave in Peckham this Friday – his first London appearance under his 45 ACP guise, breaks 2016 in with the announce of his sophomore ‘Island of Dreams‘ LP as D.K. on Parisian imprint Antinote, scheduled for release in March.

Delivering seven cuts of lax house smelling sweetly of exotica-infused synth melodies and infinity-pool boogie, D.K.’s second album offers a soothing jaunt through multi-hued coves, just as lavish as a Douanier Rousseau painting.

As Antinote distributor Rush Hour nicely sums it up: “Island Of Dreams will more likely incite you to turn on your old Mackintosh and play Myst again.”

Island of Dreams is scheduled for release via Antinote in March 2016.


1. Evening Shadows
2. Ivory Forest
3. Play On
4. Journey To The Sun
5. Memories
6. Raindrops
7. High On The Sea

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