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Damiano Von Erckert announces ‘Also Known As Good LP’ for ava.

Almost exactly two years to the day, following the release of his debut LP Love Based Musicava. boss Damiano Von Erckert has announced his second long-length effort Also Known As Good, scheduled for 21st September 2015.

Accompanied by an impressive cast of multifaceted collaborators including Tito Wun, Hodini, May, Retrogott, Am Kinem, Miles Bonny, Amalia and former LCD Soundsystem and !!!’s member Tyler Pope, Erckert returns to deliver his singular take on club culture and the last 40 years of music history in general.

The album joyfully explores the connections between manifold rhythms and genres, hopping from housey territories to hip-hop extents in a flash, interlacing heady disco and jazzy tempos but also offering a consistent mix of techno grooves and kraut flights over the course of eleven varicolored tunes.

Mark the date ‘Also Known As Good LP’ will hit the shelves on 21st September 2015. 


1. LOVE LOVE LOVE feat. Miles Bonny
2. Hustle With The Big Boys feat. Hodini & Am Kinem
3. First Day Of A Dollar
4. We Flow feat. Amalia
5. Jai Alai
7. Infinity feat. May
8. New Ehrenfeld Swing
9. Marcos, Jean, Ralf (Guitar by Tyler Pope)
10. There‘s No Wrong (Cuts by Retrogott)
11. Work for Love feat. Tito Wun

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