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Dave Saved & NPLGNN explore dreams, memories and comedowns in ‘All You Can Hold In The Falling’ EP

Comedowns – we’ve all been there and can readily identity how much of a pain they are to get over. Not in the case of Napoli-based producers Dave Saved and NPLGNN, who have collaborated to create a remarkable split 12″, scheduled for release next month via Athens-based record label Hypermedium.

Lifted from the press release “All You Can Hold In The Falling'” finds both producers “refining their research in temporal disturbances through the archaeology of a comedown. Their sound delves into dream, memories and expectations, and is crafted through the use of echoplexed samples, chopped’ n’ screwed lines and distorted particles, serving as a perfect chronicle for the inexorability of an endless bummer.”

Indeed the two extended tracks on offer represent a remarkable trip into the realms of skewered experimental sonics. Our highlight is Dave Saved’s 11 minute voyage “Empty Blooms Still Withering” – sounding something more akin to MatthewDavid’s ‘Outmind‘ LP on Brainfeeder meshed with Oneohtrix Point Never.

‘All You Can Hold In The Falling’ EP is scheduled for release 20 February 2019 via Hypermedium.


1. Dave Saved – Empty Blooms Still Withering
2. NPLGNN – Empathic New Utopia

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