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DFA Records & Bokeh Versions team up for Jay Glass Dubs vs Guerilla Toss EP

Brooklyn’s DFA Records team up with Bristol’s Bokeh Versions for a special joint release between Boston via NYC experimental rock band Guerilla Toss and Greece’s very own king of dub Jay Glass Dubs.

The cassette / digital release follows Guerilla Toss’s recent album ‘GT Ultra’, which was released inJune via DFA. Lifted from to the press release “Jay Glass Dubs vs Guerilla Toss turns the hyper-bouncy pop and deeper, darker tracks of GT Ultra into four, stripped-down dub ruminations, each one spacier and weirder than the last.”

Jay Glass Dubs vs Guerilla Toss EP is scheduled for release 9th October 2017, grab a copy pronto from Bandcamp.


1. Skull Dub
2. String Dub
3. TV Do Dub
4. Can I Get The Real Dub?

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