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Prefuse 73 unveils new alias ‘Reto A Ichi’ with dual album release on !K7

Today multi-talented beat-smith Guillermo Scott Herren unveils his new alias Reto A Ichi with the announcement of two albums, both scheduled for release via !K7 – The first ‘The Lapse Of Exchange‘ is set for release 20 October, whilst the second ‘Alone Moving Often‘ is scheduled for release 17 November 2017.

Herren’s new project was inspired by the Japanese fictional TV and film character Zaotichi, a blind masseur /master swordsman with a fondness for gambling. Written over a period of two years, the albums represent a return of sorts for Herron. Known for challenging the norms and paving new paths as Prefuse 73, not to mention eight highly revered album releases via Warp Records, his new project “hews closer to the light touches and compositional aspirations of early aliases like Delarosa & Asora and Savath & Savalas.”

Both albums will be released digitally and on vinyl as well as a double-CD. Order both albums via Bandcamp.


The Lapse Of Exchange

1. These Times Are Closing
2. Gambling In The Snow
3. Let The Pianos Freeze
4. No Juntos
5. It’s Her Birthday
6. A Sword In The Rain
7. Zato Lullaby
8. All Regrets
9. The Leaning Tower Of Our Leaders
10. Tuesday Always Awful
11. Percussions, Hearts And Airs
12. Broad Plant Pt. 2
13. These Times Are Changing

Alone Moving Often

1. Criminality
2. The World According To West 50th Pt. 1
3. So Contra
4. Pforever Reto
5. The World According To West 50th Pt. 2
6. Duration Meditation
7. Everything In The Air
8. Magazine PM
9. Alone Moving Often
10. Noise Counter Melody
11. Mountainside Hillside
12. Ghost Arpeggio
13. I Think I’m Calm. I Think I’m Dry
14. Monday Be The Worst

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