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Michael Mayer: DJ Kicks

Michael Mayer’s DJ Kicks mix is a tapestry of atmospheric soundscapes, uplifting electro pop remixes, ethereal melodies, wonky psychedelic disco and darker techno…when it comes to dreamy dance floor moments that are supremely selected and sequenced, few can match the Cologne tastemaker.

Bochum Welt talks up new album ‘April’

Since his beginnings over twenty years ago, Italian producer Bochum Welt has moved from the status of widely acclaimed sound-maker to proper legendary status, settling down as one of the most revered voices from the golden Rephlex era. We sat down with Gianluigi as he delves into his new album ‘April’ on !K7 and his activity as a sound-designer.

DJ Koze reveals all about DJ Kicks

We spoke to DJ Koze over Skype to find out more about his unique approach to compiling the 50th edition of the DJ Kicks series. – “I did it in one take, with a hip-shake you know.”

Nina Kraviz: DJ Kicks

With 29 tracks on display, there is little room for showcasing. Instead elements drift in and out over the top of a never faltering kick as it shifts from wooden to throbbing to boxy.

New Look

We caught up with the New York/Berlin based Canadian husband-and-wife duo New Look whilst on their mini-European tour in London. After attending their intimate gig at
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When Saints Go Machine

1. Konkylie
2. Church And Law
3. Parix
4. Chestnut
5. The Same Scissors
6. Jets
7. Kelly
8. On The Move
9. Whoever Made You Stand So Still
10. Terminal One
11. Add Ends

Arnaud Rebotini: Someone Gave Me Religion

1. The First Thirteen Minutes of Love
2. Another Time, Another Place
3. Personal Dictator
4. Another Dictator
5. Echoes
6. All You Need Is Techno
7. Who’s GonnaPlayThisOldMachine?
8. Extreme Conditions Demand Extreme Responses
9. The Choir Of The Dead Lovers
10. Sunny Sunday Blues (Digital Only)