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Bochum Welt talks up new album ‘April’

Since his beginnings over twenty years ago, Italian producer Gianluigi Di Costanzo – better known as Bochum Welt, has moved from the status of widely acclaimed sound-maker to proper legendary prestige, settling down as one of the most revered voices from the golden Rephlex era.

Even though the finesse and freshness of his compositions inevitably gave rise to comparison with Aphex Twin – prompting NME to claim BW was just another of the Warp boss’ multiple aliases after the release of his Rephlex debut ‘Scharlach Eingang‘ in 1994, Di Costanzo shaped and polished a truly unique body of work that seems to roll by the years without ever fading or losing any of its luster, just as inspired and inspiring as it was in its early stages.

From throbbing, laser-heavy electro through acid-drenched breakbeat onto wide-lens spans of ambient and atmospheric electronica, Bochum Welt’s new album ‘April‘ – originally released by !K7 on Record Store Day and finally available in all good record stores in vinyl and digital formats, brings together tracks new and old, whose common factor is to be pressed to wax for the very first time. We sat down with Gianluigi as he goes into this special album project, his activity as a sound-designer and current favourites. Stream ‘Family Computer Robot‘ below.

Interview by Baptiste Girou


"Sometimes I dedicate time to making sounds and
sound libraries, sometimes simply playing instruments,
there is no rule in particular."

‘April’ gathers new and old tracks, what was the starting point to this compilation?

I wanted to release a vinyl of the recent tracks I had worked on. The album collects Bochum Welt tracks never released before on vinyl, plus alternative/unreleased takes.

It’s your first collaboration with !K7. How did you come to work together?

!K7 contacted me a couple of years ago, I knew their history and releases that began in 1985, I thought it could work well with me and BMG Chrysalis.

What about the title, ‘April’? First thing that came to mind was Aphex’s piano ballad ‘Avril 14th’… what’s so special with this month? Or maybe I’m wrong and it is named after a person?

April because I was born in April, the LP was released on April 22 and it recalls a person’s name.

How did you proceed in terms of track selection? Did you have any guiding line in mind, were you keen to weave a particular narrative with these tracks?

I proposed tracks that follow a timeline, beginning from 2008. One of the main features is the return to the use of tapes, analog instruments and gear.

It’s been four years since you last dropped original material. What have you been up to in the meantime?

I recorded several new tracks (still unreleased) and BMG Chrysalis signed me to a long term publishing deal. I also worked in Milan, NYC and Los Angeles as a creative consultant for for one of the leading fashion brands. For example collaborating on the realisation of multimedia installations and also producing and taking care of the music content.

What’s your studio routine like? How’s a day in the studio with you?

Sometimes I dedicate time to making sounds / sound libraries, sometimes simply playing instruments, there is no rule in particular.

Your music is often associated with widescreen visions, nature-friendly imagery and balmy atmospheres: one just has to watch the fan-made videos floating on YouTube to be sure it’s a widespread association of ideas. What inspires you on a daily basis?

Usually my mood, but also sounds. Sometimes I start working on a song by preparing my own sounds.

Since your beginnings over twenty years ago, I guess music occupies a different place in your life today. Are you still working at a sustained rhythm or has it become more of a parallel activity?

Music to me is important and is in-line with the multimedia productions I work on. It’s all connected. In recent years I have worked with companies based in California that have involved me in several musical and multimedia projects.

What are you currently listening to? Any artist you discovered recently that made an impression on you?

There are many keyboard and piano players that I like, both soloists or parts of musical bands: Martyn Ware & Ian Marsh (founding members of the Human League), Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Mark Bell, Will Gregory and others.

How’s your summer schedule looking right now?

I’ll be working on several projects and completing the recording of new tracks and I’ll probably play one or two gigs in USA.

April was released on vinyl by !K7 on 22nd April 2017 as part of Record Store Day, it is now available for digital download. Order a copy from Bleep


A1. Ghost
A2. Garden (NYC Mix)
A3. Crescent Heights
A4. Suddenly Spring
A5. Hills On Fire
A6. Gauloise Scented
A7. Marylebone
A8. Lauren Canyon
B2. DR2D
B3. Test Mode
B4. Family Computer Robot
B5. HC-012
B6. Interlude
B7. Flag (Take 2)
B8. Azure

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