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DJ Gregory announces Headcore EP reissue and Point G Live Season 1

French producer DJ Gregory returns with exciting new release plans and announces in this end of year. First on the menu is a reissue of his Headcore self-titled EP released on Versatile back in 1998 which will be followed by the debut delivery of a promising series of records he’ll be releasing in the wings of his forthcoming Point G live sets, the aptly-titled Point G Live Season 1.

Pure club business, shuffling beats and sweaty atmospheres, that eight-track triple plate unleashes overpowered pieces of hardware body music reshuffled through software realms. DJ Gregory’s inimitable groove science in its rawest shape. Get ready!

Headcore’s reissue is set to be released on December 1st via Lazare Hoche Records while Point G Live Season 1 is scheduled to hit the shelves on January 26th 2015 via DJ Gregory’s own outlet Point G.



A1 In & Out
A2 Cage Beat
B1 Cage
B2 Down


A1 The Hunt
B1 Rumi
C1 Balea
D1 Surdo
D2 Mantra Box
E1 Kond
F1 Muz
F2 Willis

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