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DJ Python resurfaces as Luis for ‘057 (Schwyn)’ mini-LP on AD 93

Following an inaugural ‘Dreamt Takes‘ EP in 2016 via the now defunct label 1080p, DJ Python revives his Luis production alias with the announcement of a forthcoming mini-LP on AD 93, due for release in June.

Fans of Boards Of Canada, Brothomstates and Khotin will immediately warm to this release, with each track submerging listeners deep into the scuzzed and abstract sound-fields of electronica. Lifted from the press release, the record “possesses the heartfelt ’90s sheen that is Luis’s sonic signature.”

‘057 (Schwyn)’ is scheduled for release 17 June via AD 93. order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. timmy chalamet
2. or anyone said it
3. yoonito
4. we still or nah
5. jack anderson