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DJ Richard announces ‘Dies Iræ Xerox’ LP for Dial

DJ Richard has announced the release of a new album scheduled for release in June. ‘Dies Iræ Xerox‘ is a much-anticipated return to Dial, following 2017’s extended player ‘Path of Ruin‘ and the lauded 2016 album ‘Grind’.

Undoubtedly one of the most distinctive electronic producers in recent memory, DJ Richard imprinted the sound of a bubbling US underground with his label, White Material, founded in 2012 alongside Young Male. His debut solo LP ‘Grind’ found him delicately establishing a discipline between his East Coast noise heritage and a physical, emotive tradition of house music, mastered during an extended stay in Berlin. Now firmly settled once more in his hometown of Providence, ‘Dies Iræ Xerox’ is a personal and uncompromising journey that finds the Rhode Island native in reflective form, journeying without compromise into both his creative influences and personal psyche.

In part adapting its title from the Latin hymn ‘Dies irae’, otherwise known as ‘Day of Wrath’, ‘Dies Iræ Xerox’ is said to meld the physical and psychological aspects of DJ Richard’s production ethos in more widescreen vision than before. With the chaos of the Berlin club scene a distant memory, the album is enriched with a contemplative tone as informed by film soundtracks and literature as the pulse of city living. DJ Richard details that he found the space to write “the records I really want to play” and each suggests a template for genuine dance floor transcendence.

“Dies Iræ Xerox” is scheduled for release 15th June 2018 on Dial Records. This summer DJ Richard plays at the Inverted Audio curated stage “Campfire Headphase” at Farr Festival 2018.

Photo by Robert Kulisek


1. Dies Iræ Xerox
2. Pitfall
3. Vanguard
4. Crimson Curve
5. Tunnel Stalker
6. Dissolving World
7. In Broad Daylight
8. Ancestral Helm
9. Final Mercy
10. Ex Aere
11. Old Winter‘s Way
12. Gate of Roses

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