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Doc Sleep lines up debut album ‘Birds (in my mind anyway)’ on Tartelet Records

Berlin-based American producer Doc Sleep lines up her debut album in March through Copenhagen’s relentlessly suave Tartelet Records.

Spanning 12 tracks, ‘Birds (in my mind anyway)‘ is a stunning full length that side-steps the club to explore emotive tropes of leftfield and electronica. The album features track collaborations with Tartelet mainstay Glenn Astro and M Marie.

“At the time of recording this album, my life, all my routines and priorities had to change – music was no exception. I decided if I couldn’t be happy making an album free of the dancefloor, I was finally going to be done with music. Instead, I found a musical voice free of tempo and textural restriction. Eventually, I had a sound, and once I had the sound, the album came pretty quickly. It was a very different process writing music for no one…except myself.” 

Every inch of the album is a personal touch – the title was pulled from Doc Sleep’s mother’s response to hearing the album, while her friend Kiernan Laveaux offered a beautiful text which appears on the back.

‘Birds (in my mind anyway)’ is scheduled for release 17 March via Tartelet Archives. Order a vinyl copy from Inverted Audio Store.


1. Fall into Flowers (Intro)
2. Tomorrow is Beautiful! (ft. Glenn Astro)
3. Flooding Meadow
4. Polymer Bloom
5. C&L at the Sea
6. Channel Tèlesphore
7. Orange Grove Nap
8. Wiped Memory
9. Fog vs Moon (ft. M Marie)
10. Strange Sun
11. Secret Spells
12. Under High Branches