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James Holden announces ‘Imagine This Is A High Dimensional Space of All Possibilities’

Border Community label boss James Holden announces his long-awaited return to the album format in March with the unveiling of his fourth album ‘Imagine This Is A High Dimensional Space Of All Possibilities‘.

Consisting of 12 tracks, the album is said to be “a continuous sound collage, artfully juxtaposing audio worlds in his own inimitable manner.” Perhaps signalling a throwback to Holden’s formative years producing dreamscape styled electronica that was so effervescent on his acclaimed 2006 breakthrough album ‘The Idiots Are Winning‘. All we can say, this is a most welcome return and we cannot wait to experience this trip.

“I wanted this to be my most open record, uncynical, naive, unguarded, the record teenage me wanted to make,” says Holden of his generically unconstrained new album of rave music for a parallel universe. “I used to balance my clock-radio on a wardrobe to catch the faint pirate FM signals from the nearest city, dreaming of what raves would be like when I could finally escape and become a New Age traveller.”

‘Imagine This Is A High Dimensional Space Of All Possibilities’ is scheduled for release 31 March via Border Community. Order a copy from Bandcamp


1. You Are In A Clearing
2. Contains Multitudes
3. Common Land
4. Trust Your Feet
5. The Missing Key
6. In The End You’ll Know
7. Continuous Revolution
8. Four Ways Down The Valley
9. Worlds Collide Mountains Form
10. The Answer Is Yes
11. Infinite Fadeout
12. You Can Never Go Back