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Luke Abbott: Wysing Forest

Rejoice that this is not Holkham Drones elaborated and relish its place in history, Wysing Forest demonstrates that Luke Abbott can spectacularly defy rather than exceed expectations.

Luke Abbott on Wysing Forest

Luke Abbott talks about his most experimental album to date and gives insight into his 6 month in-house artist residency at the Wysing Arts Centre in Cambridge.

James Holden: The Inheritors

1. Rannoch Dawn
2. A Circle Inside A Circle
3. Renata
4. The Caterpillar’s Intervention
5. Sky Burial
6. The Illuminations
7. Inter-City 125
8. Delabole
9. Seven Stars
10. Gone Feral
11. The Inheritors
12. Circle Of Fifths
13. Some Respite
14. Blackpool Late Eighties
15. Self-Playing Schmaltz

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Ricardo Tobar

Having released his debut EP on James Holden’s record label Border Community plus a string of releases on Traum Schallplatten, it’s no suprise that Ricardo Tobar
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Nathan Fake

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