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Border Community announce repress of James Holden’s debut album ‘The Idiots Are Winning’

Originally released in 2006 via Border Community, James Holden’s debut album ‘The Idiots Are Winning‘  soundtracked a generation of electronica obsessed listeners. Now 13 years later, it receives a long awaited repress on crystal clear splatter vinyl.

Following in the footsteps of Nathan Fakes’ genre-defining debut album ‘Drowning In A Sea Of Love‘ – Holden’s mini-album effort presented 10 tracks of leftfield IDM, experimental electronica and woozy synths that have became synonymous with the producer and imprint.

Adorned with the iconic full-size oil canvas interpretation of Border Community’s cover art – The Idiots Are Winning is a landmark release that should sit prominently in your record collection. Please note that the repress contains 8 tracks.

‘The Idiots Are Winning’  LP repress is limited to 1000 units and is scheduled for release 11th October 2019. Order a copy from Resident Records.


1. Lump
2. Quiet Drumming
3. 10101
4. Idiot Clapsolo
5. Corduroy
6. Lumpette
7. Idiot
8. Flute

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