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Premiere: Ali Berger – Dreaming Of A World

Situation often has a distinctive influence on output. Ali Berger’s ‘Sump Pump‘ EP was created in the space of just a month on the barest of equipment. An Akai S1100 and Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizer Box–an interesting coincidence in itself with Ali moving from Detroit to Pittsburg–powers the EP, creating a raw and energetic quintet of tracks.

From this outing, on Spectral Sound, we have plucked ‘Dreaming Of A World‘ as a showcase item. A vocal repeats the title over and over, while the underlying framework is taut-as-you-like techno. However, this isn’t an excursion through dry, emotionless and functional territories, with the track broadening into a foamy and refreshing break in its final stretch. Tangible and heady, ‘Dreaming Of A World’ suits peak moments, but it wouldn’t be a stretch to see it appealing to those who like to take the pitch slider into the negative.

‘Sump Pump’ EP is scheduled for release 23 August 2019. Order a copy from Ghostly International.


A1. Sump Pump
A2. Voices
B1. Microbial Corrosion
B2. Dreaming Of A World
B3. Pattern Buffers Depolarizing

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