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Dogpatrol flexes a sub-frequential mix for Newtype Rhythms

Another week gone by means another new episode of our sister series arriving – this time with a hint of Mannheim madness courtesy of German bass specialist Dogpatrol.

After releasing on Black Orpheus on 2018, the fastidious up-and-comer set roots on the venerable Sneaker Social Club label; carefully constructing a sound for himself that reveled in the majesty of the hardcore continuum while expounding on it with a layer of fog-machinated whimsy.

Dogpatrol’s music is clearly meant for the inner-most sanctums of what we once referred to as “the club” – a space where getting lost between the frequencies was a form of physical and emotional therapy. Between his releases for Sneaker Social Club and his mammoth guest mix for Newtype Rhythms, the Mannheim sonic specialist finds a way to replicate that experience expertly with a journey that stretches the sub-frequential spectrum by melding the genres of house, breakbeat, Japanese boogie, dubstep, techno, UK garage, and video game music into a journey that will engulf you from its onset. The aforementioned guest mix starts at 42 minutes in, with resident Sheepshead warming things up per usual.


00:00 – 42:12 – Mixed by Sheepshead

1. Facta – Low Bridge (Lights)
2. Al Wootton – Ashe
3. Lobby – Nadar
4. DJ JM – J Creates The M
5. Eomac – All The Rabbits In The Tiergarten
6. Shcuro – Bassforce
7. Hugo Massien – Beyond Completely Gone
8. Walton – Ready Riddim
9. Drumheller – Kayfabe
10. PAS1 – Mezcal
11. Kaval – Cave Of Wonders
12. Interplanetary Criminal – Oh La La

42:35 – END – Mixed by Dogpatrol

1. Iris – Bog Rhiga
2. Keiichi Suzuki & Hirokazu Tanaka – Sanctuary Guardian
3. Dendö Marionette РAlchemist
4. Am Kinem – KNet Spread Terror
5. Floorplan – Untitled
6. DXJ and the Bassonalian – Electro Forest
7. Koga – Survivor (M&M’S TECHNO WILL SURVIVE MIX) feat. Maurice
8. Basement Space – Electronic Orbit
9. Legowelt – In The Dominion Of Melchezedik
10. Nightwave – Dakini Dance
11. Shed – Another Wedged Chicken (Martyn’s 131 Remix)
12. Hodge – Sense Inversion (Facta & K-Lone Remix)
13. Das Krause Duo – Wurm
14. Scissorwork – Blunt
15. Boddika & Joy O – For What
16. Jeff Mills – Fly Guy
17. Blawan – Nims
18. Lee Gamble – Envenom
19. Pearson Sound – Alien Mode
20. Cameo Blush – Clearcutter
21. Objekt – That Goose That Got Away
22. Mount Kimbie – Maybes (James Blake Remix)
23. Guido – Mad Sax
24. Mark Pritchard – Be Like Water
25. Hiroshi Sato – Say Goodbye