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Premiere: Etari – Funky Fuchsia

From looking at the artwork of ‘Rainbow Eucalyptus’, you start to get a feel for the vibrant, blissed-out house contained within its conspicuous packaging. The release is the debut full-length from Los Angeles-based DJ and producer, Etari, whose tie-dyed take on the genre is equally suited to rainforests as it is to rooftops.

Rainbow Eucalyptus’ lands on 100% Silk, the Golden State staple whose extensive catalogue functions as a survey of some of the past decade’s most exciting producers. Many of the label’s releases have been from promising new producers – as is the case with this release.

Awash in reverb and delay, ‘Funky Fuchsia’ is just the type of otherworldly meditation that many will be craving right now. Against a backdrop of shapeshifting pads and evaporating synths, Etari’s drums have a leisurely quality to them, which is by no means a bad thing.

‘Rainbow Eucalyptus’ is scheduled for release 19 March. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. El Sol (Etari’s Ambient Mix)
2. Euphoric Disclaimer
3. Rainbow Eucalyptus
4. Funky Fuchsia
5. Dandelion Dance
6. Luna Tears
7. Garden Of Life (Nørus & Etari Collab)
8. Comes In Waves (Etari’s Hypnotic Mix)