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James Booth

With releases on 100% Silk, Budapest-based Farbwechsel and London’s very own Church, James Booth traverses his time without a care in the world. Today, he stops by our mix series to deliver a throbbing cocktail of 303-heavy ammo, jacking rhythms and all-out 4/4 stompers.

Premiere: Akasha System – Vague Response

‘Vague Response’, due out early next month via 100% Silk, makes for Akasha System’s proper introduction to a wider audience. Deploying six cuts of smooth coastal house with a gleaming audio patina, the EP sounds like it’s put the sun in a bottle. Stream the title-track within.

Nackt: Virex

True to 100% Silk style, Virex reconciles the gritty with the polished, modernises the classic without disrespecting it and harnesses the beast within the machine without taming it.

Gaining momentum with The Cyclist

We caught up with The Cyclist aka Andrew Morrison to discuss his new Hot House EP released this week on Music Is For Losers and 100% Silk.