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Premiere: DJ Panthr – My World

Hunter P. Thompson utilises a handful of aliases to explore the varied avenues of electronica, ambient, and dub techno. His most well-known stage name, Akasha System, serves as an outlet for electronic-tinged explorations of the moss covered, foggy Pacific Northwest he called home until a recent relocation to Florida. As Opaline, he trades in beats for long-form, mind-frying synth excursions.

Thompson’s third project, DJ Panthr, sits somewhere in between the two. On the one hand, it’s beat-driven sonics parallel Akasha System, minus the eco-electronica leanings; on the other, it incorporates the space-y aesthetics of Opaline. Across several cassettes and digital releases, DJ Panthr has amassed a striking collection of night-soaked sci-fi techno.

California-based dance label 100% Silk has released works by Thompson’s other projects, and it makes sense as a home for DJ Panthr’s vinyl debut. Inspired by the “fern-shrouded neon streets” of the Southeast Portland, Oregon, neighbourhood in which it was recorded, ‘Jade District’, like many 100% Silk releases, is ideal for basement house parties or solitary late night walks.

Floaty album closer ‘My World‘ offers up a mechanistic, shuffling rhythm under dense, clubby synths. It’s the perfect companion for those reality blurring, hazy pre-dawn hours.

‘Jade District’ is scheduled for release on 7 April via 100% Silk. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Dusk Light
2. Midnight Mind
3. Fever Drip
4. Pressure Float
5. Jade District
6. Botanicals
7. Step In
8. My World