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Precipitation returns to 100% Silk with ‘Glass Horizon’ LP

Following the release of his ‘Earth / Sky’ cassette in 2018, Precipitation marks his return to 100% Silk in July with the release of his second album on Amanda Brown’s Los Angeles-based imprint.

Originally from Toronto, then Vancouver and now in Tokyo, Zefan Sramek has been producing music in the realms of ambient, drone and house since 2011, with a particular focus on emotive frequencies.

In 2017, Zefan shared insight with us into his workings “making music is all about evoking feelings and that also plays into how I listen to music and other audio. If something elicits some sort of emotional response in me, then it makes me want to interact with it, and sampling, for me, is a really profound way of doing that.”

Spanning 7 tracks, ‘Glass Horizon‘ was conceived and recorded between two formative trips to Sado Island in Japan, between the spring and late summer of 2020. The result is a deeply immersive album of ambient house and electronica that sits comfortably along the productions of Khotin and Cloudface.

‘Glass Horizon’ is scheduled for release 29 July via 100% Silk. Order a copy from Bandcamp.


1. Gradient
2. Breakwater Acid
3. Refrain for Hans
4. Futatsugamé Contemplation
5. Sundown in Ogi
6. Dawn Ritual
7. Yuzawa Experience