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Shamos self-releases ‘8TRK’ on Role Models

Following the release of ‘Music For Broken Adverts‘ LP in 2020 via Andrew Lyster’s impeccable Youth imprint, London-based producer Shamos returns with his third album on his own label Role Models.

Spanning eight tracks, ‘8TRK‘ packs a punch exploring lo-fi techno trips, experimental house and new wave. Sitting nicely alongside the output of Lukid, Levon Vincent and DJ Richard. Album highlights include ‘This 4 Finger Deal‘, ‘Bleep Cover‘, ‘Broken Harmonics‘ and ‘GO‘.

‘8TRK’ is out now via Role Models. Artwork by Shamos’ son Cassius. Order a copy from Bandcamp.

  • IA MIX 2014 Shamos


1. H.D
2. This 4 Finger Deal
3. Bleep Cover
4. Broken Hormones
5. GO
6. Greta Thermos
7. King Q
8. Real Dreams Part 2