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Dopplereffekt announce fourth release on Leisure System

Today pioneering electro-experimentalists Dopplereffekt announced the release of ‘Athanatos‘ EP, marking their fourth release on Leisure System.

Athanatos‘ EP follows their latest album ‘Cellular Automata‘ released in 2017 via the Berlin-based record label and Berghain affiliated club night. The EP is said to “advance the considerations of growth and decay” of ‘Cellular Automata‘ LP and is aimed to “explore genetic conditions and chromosomal influences defining mortality, with partial data points presented in a rare collaboration with fellow travelers Carsten Nicolai and Olaf Bender.”

Head over to the specially designed micro-site, made by Geoff Bennett, to experience a taste of their new music and dimension.

‘Athanatos’ features artwork by Carsten Nicolai, and is available in 12” and digital formats from 26th October 2018. Order a copy from Bandcamp.

1. Athanatos
2. Hayflick Limit
3. Eukaryotic Chromosomes

1. Telomere
2. Mitosis

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