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Premiere: 100% Silk share cuts from upcoming Olsen and Dearly Departure cassettes

Expert traders of glossy yet mealy house groovers tailored for the most hedonistic of lounge parties, our good friends of 100% Silk return this fall with yet another fine batch of their signature hazy, slow-burning 4/4 delicacies. Up next on the label, Manchester “miasma-house” specialist Andrew Anderton aka Olsen, and Santa Clarita vibist Daniel Crook alias Dearly Departure step up with a pair of bespoke sense-stimulating rippers due out early November.

As we know there’s plenty of impatient heads round here, all fiercely eager to wrap their ears around these, we joined forces with 100% Silk to bring you the exclusive stream of a cut from each tape, so the wait’s more endurable. The most soothing of the two, Olsen‘s ‘Nektarin 5‘ is a washed-out ambient house roller of the purest essence. Introspective and lavishly textured, the label says this is music for “the space between“, where the dream operator takes control, and “shows you an image of a tree, soft fruit growing… night falls, and the black dog serenade continues.” Spot on.

Second and final, Dearly Departure‘s title cut ‘Genesis‘ brings it all back to where it begins. “Inspired by the moodier fringes of LA’s nocturnal underground as well as the “dark gothic energy” of certain fatalist new wave“, Crook’s track melds the heavy-breathing jack of a classic Chicagoan pumper with the low-key chimey harmonics of a further heliotropic musical bloodline. One for the body and mind in equal measure, sure to have you chilling in the dream-zone snug and cozy.

Dream Operator and Genesis are released via 100% Silk on 9th November, pre-order a copy from Bandcamp here and here.



1. Inside
2. Narkoblues
3. After Glow
4. Long Now
5. Stolen Fruit
6. Black Dog Serenade
7. Scant Sanity
8. Nektarin 5


1. Serpent 05:12
2. Own Perceptions
3. Embrace
4. Fear Of Losing You
5. Move
6. Infrared (feat. Bludwork)
7. Words Unspoken (feat. Morticia My Angel)
8. Genesis

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