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Download Delroy Edwards’ ‘Slowed Down Funk Vol. III: Pure Evil’ mixtape

Delroy Edwards returns with the 3rd and final instalment of his ‘Slowed Down Funk‘ trilogy, the nasty ‘Pure Evil’.

The LA based producer puts on display a wide range of syncopated, dragged and chopped funk and hip-hop beats, blending Gangstarr and Police samples in the same greasy pot with that graceful touch of his. Perhaps the hottest in the family, that third volume delivers enough warmth to make your cold days all sweaty and turn your winter garden into a lush, palm grove. California dreamin’.

If you’re the lucky owner of a walkman or other cassette-fueled machines then dust it down. As did the first two, Slowed Down Funk Vol. III  is available on tape over at Gene’s Liquor shop.



1. Pure Funk
2. Pure Evil
3. Anotha Lonely Night (Twelve A.M.)
4. Busta Free
5. Bump This
6. Interlude I
7. Now U In My Trunk
8. Holla At Ya Boi (Sex Fiends)
9. Down Low (IV L.I.F.E.)
10. Wen The Earth Crumbles
11. Test My Nuts (2 Lowkey)
12. Interlude II – Dream Of Love
13. Tonz Of Gunz (Gangstarr)
14. Since The Age Of 16
15. Kronik City (Blackout)
16. Real Nigga Shit
17. Interlude III – Stang
18. Warpath
19. Walk Out On You (Feat. Marvin Gaye)
20. Buy The Car (E.S.G.)

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