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Vakula announces ‘A Voyage to Arcturus’ album for Leleka

Today Ukrainian producer Vakula unveiled details concerning his new album, the eagerly-awaited ‘A Voyage to Arcturus‘. The record is set to be released on Leleka in the coming months but no exact date has been revealed.

‘A Voyage to Arcturus’ takes its concept from David Lindsay’s eponymous sci-fi novel from 1920 and according to what Vityk told RA, the album is “more like a soundtrack” than a traditional album. Also, each of the sixteen tracks composing the album are named after the original opus’ chapters.

It will be Vityk’s fourth album after the most excellent ‘You’ve Never been to Konotop (Selected Works 2009-2012)‘ released on Firecracker Recordings last year and two other under his V and Vedomir aliases, respectively released via Nuearth Kitchen and Dekmantel.


A1 The Seance
A2 19 hours Prior To Arcturus
A3 Maskull’s First Day On Tormance
B1 New Sensations
B2 Joiwind
C1 Oceaxe
C2 The Wombflash Forest
C3 Surtur’s Sounds
C4 Maskull’s Keyhole
D1 Liquid Opal
D2 Matterplay
D3 Haute
E1 Sullenbode
E2 Crystalman’s Empire
F1 Barey
F2 Muspel

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