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Download Makeup’s Free Debut ‘Divine Fashion EP’

Headed by Atlanta based electronic producer Arkia Jahani, new project ‘Makeup‘ aims to marry his downtempo, synth heavy, atmospheric production with conceptual vision; inspired by contemporary pop culture and Christian iconography.

The free 6 track EP features spacey soundscapes, minimal percussion and de-tuned vocals. The release is backed up with a video, which continues the underlying concepts of the music; a take on art-pop with a dark under tone. We particularly recommend tracks “Hold Me” and “Embryo (Gender Resolve)“.

Download ‘Divine Fashion EP’ via Bandcamp for free and discover more about Makeup through his artist page on Inverted Audio.


1.  Body
2.  Dior
3.  Hold Me
4.  Skin
5.  Vessels As Shadows
6.  Embryo (Gender Resolve)