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Download: Quiet Time share two tracks from upcoming Phil Struck and Solpara albums

Folded in a beautiful double package with artwork true to the classic Art Déco tradition, each cassette release from on-the-rise New York-based imprint Quiet Time comes in duplicate and includes a unique zine. Not that the tape release is split between two cassettes, no, these are two identical copies – one for you to enjoy and one to share with a friend.

Undoubtedly a wise and clever way to put the notion of sharing and caring back at the centre of the musical debate, it is also a way for Eli Libman and his structure to “provide artists with a way to do put out more extended, experimental music for people to experience in an immersive way“.

Following up to releases from Aquarian, Baby, Money and the mighty Huerco S – which as you can imagine flew off the shelves in a flash, Quiet Time are back this summer with a double delivery courtesy of two of our favourite producers out there in the persons of Phil Struck and Solpara.

If the first made a deep impression with his debut tape ‘Klint‘ for the excellent LL.M. earlier this year, which “ennobles the trivial and honours the silence“, Paul remains one of the most unique and talented voices in contemporary electronic music, casting a nonpareil spell with each track and record he’s put out to date, away from standards and norms.

The occasion was too good to miss, so we teamed up with Eli and the guys to bring you a full stream of two cuts from their respective albums, both available to download for free via our Soundcloud page. Whilst Phil’s ‘Untitled‘ is a highly submerging drift into the deepest niches of one’s meditating mind, delicately slipping across light rain curtains and aquamarine reliefs, Solpara’s shape-shifting ‘Fungi In Communication‘ lays down a complex network of distorted arpeggios and dubbed-out percussions, all showering upon a stonewashed canvas of moody pads. Enjoy!

QTT5 and QTT6 are out now, order a copy from Bandcamp – QTT5 / QTT6.


Phil Struck – QTT5

1. 24
2. Telescope
4. Untitled
5. Rosegate
6. Amber
7. Delta
8. Oaoa

Solpara – QTT6

1. Psyzch
2. Broken Turbine
3. Ego Death
4. Meditation of the Wounds
5. Aguirré
6. Brush Leaves
7. Fungi in Communication
8. Ristretto
9. Dodokéhidra

Discover more about Quiet Time on Inverted Audio.