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DR MYSTERY prescribes a restorative mix for Newtype Rhythms

Our sister mix series Newtype Rhythms returns with a timely visit to our kind of medical professional – presented by NTS and White Hotel resident, DR MYSTERY.

Providing a potent dose of musical medicine on the airwaves, the Manchester-based selector affirms her presence with tantalising track picks from worlds and times past and present. Whether it be new-age energies from Japan, late-eighties Latvian ballads, moods from Memphis, the Doctor plays to whatever one may feel and restore with the perfect selection.

While she is also known to cultivate a masterful narrative with club tracks as evident in her mixes for Daisychain and Tsugi, for Newtype Rhythms – DR MYSTERY took her encyclopaedic musical mastery to another level and provided one of our favourite guest mixes to date.

An appropriate send-off as it is the final mix of the series for 2021. Newtype Rhythms will back in 2022 with more amazing guests and surprises, until then, DR MYSTERY’s mix starts at 42 minutes in.


00:00 – 42:22 – Mixed by Sheepshead

1. Manual – Baja Nights
2. Michael Stearns – A Moment Before
3. Cosmin TRG – Insouciant Change Agent
4. Rei Harakami – approach
5. Boards of Canada – Dawn Chorus
6. Oliver Coates – Caregiver part 4 (spirit)
7. David Darling – Darkwood III
8. Julianna Barwick – Big Hollow
9. Si Begg – Burnt House
10. Yoko Kanno, Maaya Sakamoto – kissing the christmas killer

42:50 – END – Mixed by DR MYSTERY

1. Kevin McCormick & David Horridge – Coas Lines
2. JJ+JS – Pale Glow
3. Кино – Раньше В Твоих Глазах
4. AIR Krew – Old Asics (with Крутицкий Кат)
5. Black Deer – Tic Tac Toe
6. Fama87 – Skazka
7. Brin & Josiah Steinbrick – ascending as an oil ghost
8. Sade – Haunted
9. Pale Cocoon – FLALORM
10. Andy Boay – Love Is Peace, Freedom Is Harmony
11. Николай Коперник – Дымки
12. Zvake Tau – Ave Loreta
13. Black Deer – Planet Reese
14. Hoavi – Sava G
15. тпсб – Don’t Call Me I’ll Call You
16. Vtgnike – Healer
17. Brin & Josiah Steinbrick – i feel – new look
18. Наутилус Помпилиус – Гудбай Америка